Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today is a misc. listing of things going on around Chez Park.

I'm better than halfway done with the gusset for the Brea Bag. I could've had it finished, but got distracted by Okami.

I finished Okami. 136 hours of my life... but I must say, worth every freakin minute . Who needs a PS3 when you can get this incredible game for the PS2!

Matt is taking the week off the bike. He's got tendinitis in his calf and hopes that taking the week off will help it. Any bets on whether he'll do the Thanksgiving morning team ride? Ya, I wouldn't put money against it either. (FYI: the whine factor is worse being off the bike than him having the chicken pox... ya, that picture of Matt still cracks me up. Scarily accurate!)

I have my supplies for Thanksgiving. I'll actually start cooking today just to make things easier on Thursday.

I'm going to try to finish up the gusset for the Brea Bag today and then I might cast on something fun. Too many obligation projects going on right now and I need a reward (like 136 hours of Okami?)

Okay, so Matt's working from home 3 days a week. He's not riding his bike. It's like he never leaves. My friend Betty says I sound like all her friends when their husbands retired. Yep, it's probably just like that. There are pluses having him home so much, but he's working most of the time (and he's an angry typer). So it crimps my style. He's on the phone or he's concentrating on something and he's not even going out for a ride to give me a breather. Wonder how much an office addition would cost?

Reply to Comments:
I'm a bit behind on this one. Blogger doesn't usually let me respond back in email, so let's catch up with some questions and comments.

Thanks to everyone that left me comments about the Landscape Shawl. The sun hitting it made for a lovely photograph, giving it that nice ethereal look. It's a nice shawl and I'm very happy with it. A good first shawl project.

Debby: Darlene is very careful with her comments about Floyd, we usually discuss what we read on the internet. We actually did end up talking more about the classes I'll be teaching (eek, that's still freaking me out).

I no longer buy Matt stuff from the bike shop. His team is still finalizing their bike shop deal, so it's just easier for him to get what he needs. Plus he only wears team clothing now, so that cuts back on what I can buy him. Oh, and he really only wants a wireless power tap (all I can say is that he better win at Mt. Nebo this year!!!!). Me? I'm not ready for the biking thing yet. I'll stay on the race course happily knitting and cheering them on!

TBV: yes, cyberspace is cold, especially when you only wear bikini armor.

It was good to see some comments from new readers and some long lost readers.

Well Gena says it's time to put the computer down and get back to my chores (curried squash soup for Thursday is the plan for the day).

Happy Knitting!


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    That soup sounds delicious! thx for the link. Your shawl is beautiful, Cindy! Looking forward to seeing it on you in person. Hope your hubby's tendinitis improves. Happy T'giving!

    (who can't remember her blogger password down here in Virginia at Grammy's house)

  2. I hope that Matt improves soon! These guys don't do well off their bikes...mine went on a pre-race ride of Hilltowns (as bad as it sounds) while recovering from a flu-like illness. Egads.

    I didn't want you to divulge anything confidential about the Landises, but I was just wondering if their spirits are generally optimistic given all that's happened. The news lately (that the lab has made numerous errors) has me a little hopeful, but politics is sometimes more powerful than truth.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What an adorable picture!

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

  5. Anonymous10:46 AM

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