Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Morning

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. We did. A nice meal, productive weekend and some good football.

So let's talk about the productive part.

The Brea Bag is finished:

and lined:

I found some lovely printed denim in my stash that was just perfect for it. Which is a good thing, as I stopped by my local Joann's on Saturday to pick out a button and get the rings and it was a madhouse (not surprisingly). Glad I didn't need to get fabric cut!

I was planning on running it up to Olde Peddlers Wool today, but I can't make it today. I should make it tomorrow.

It was a cute, fun project. I must say that the Classic Elite Waterlilies yarn is luscious to work with. I'll have to wait for a sale on it, but I'll be adding some to my stash!

Since I've got globs of things I want/need to get done. I cast on a sock for no apparent reason:

Yep, that's the Pomatomus sock. I was on the gusset decrease, but didn't realize that I needed to pay attention to the chart (duh!) plus I wasn't happy with one side of the heel flap where I picked up stitches. So I ripped it back. This sock is much easier than it looks. A good fun knit (in Blue Moon Fiber Art's Love in Idleness colorway).

I also have a sample block started for one of the classes I'll be teaching at Olde Peddler's Wool. I'll be teaching the Taste of Aran afghan. I can't use my finished one as a sampler for the shop. One is because I used Lion Brand's Woolease and second it's Jake's very favorite afghan (and it shows... it's been a well loved afghan). So I'm just going to try to get a block or two done for the shop (in Plymouth Encore).

I also am cranking along on Matt's Because I Love You sweater. I think I'm getting close to the space time continium section on the front. I have about 6" done.

So the gift knitting is moving along. I have some sewing I need to do for some gifts and most of my actual shopping is done (well, ordered). Sadly, Matt is not getting anything that he doesn't know about. I'm disappointed about that, but there's not much I can do about it. He's going to be home a lot between now and Christmas (today is one of the few days he'll be going into work) so I don't even have time to make him a surprise.

So lot's to do! Off to get started!
Happy Knitting!


  1. Your bag is just beautiful, Cindy! :)

  2. What a pretty bag!

  3. Your brae bag turned out beautifully!! I'm working on one right now - and I plan to line mine, too. Do you have any tips for making the lining - what about that little zipper?


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