Monday, November 06, 2006

Stitches 2006

Warning: picture heavy post

I'm back from Stitches and like most, I'm tired, broke and happy. I went a little wild on patterns, but the yarn purchases weren't too bad.
Just 3 sweaters worth of yarn. Plus 2 Blue Moon Fiber Socks that Rock yarn.
The rest is all patterns:

I did buy one kit:

So I had a great time with the girls. I got to meet up with some out of area friends, met some people that read my blog and spent a lot of time explaining the pin "I'm with the Coat" (Rosie wore her Koigu Jacket every day and caused quite a stir).

Since I forgot to take my camera with me for the weekend, you'll have to pop over to Ann's blog to see pictures of us there. (and yes the beer at the Wharf Rat was very yummy. My favorite was the Mad Monk... an Abbey style ale. Rich, full bodied with just a hint of fruitiness).

Our Stitch n Bitch group meets tonight for a little Show n Tell. Of course I'll have something cast on to show (yes, the Rose Garden Wrap is already cast on...)


  1. oooh! I see some familiar patterns in there (I just picked up my Lace cardigan again last night) and some cool new ones! See you tonight--

  2. Wow do yo you know how to Blog!!! Makes me want more yarn & patterns. Happy Anniversary!!

  3. I enjoyed meeting you at the BWA booth. Thanks for bringing your friends by. We had a great show and arrived back in Denver Monday night. I am unpacking, reading email and blogs.


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