Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ganseys are fun!

The Dulaan Gansey is moving along quickly. I really like the construction technique with them. They go quickly and there's minimal finishing. This is the first sweater I've done without a pattern. My own math (yes, I messed that up, but I was able to save it) and I selected all the patterns on the yoke. It's definitely keeping me interested.

Today will be finishing up Andrew's baby blanket. The first one (for Lukas) was a surprise, but anyone else in our group knows that we will be doing something like this. Lauren actually wanted to participate (you can see her block over on her blog) and so I now have all the blocks and it's ready for seaming and final border.

That's all I have to update today. I plan on doing some laundry today and work on the afghan.

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