Friday, October 06, 2006

Thanks so much!

I want to thank everyone that left me condolences over the loss of my sewing machine.

I think the problem is that these newer electronic machines are not as fixable as the old mechanical ones (if you have a Singer Featherweight... DO NOT GET RID OF IT EVER.... your great great grandchildren will still be able to sew with it). Anywho, I did consider trying an other repair shop, but just don't think it's worth it. This place is a Singer dealer, and if they can't get the part, then it's not likely someone else will either.

However, after some discussion, we decided to get me a temporary machine. Nothing too expensive, but one with an automatic buttoholer and the ability to do satin stitch. The heavy duty jeans machine that I'm using it a nice little machine, but it's pretty basic.

We popped over to Walmart yesterday and picked up a cheap little Brother. It had all the features that I wanted and I was pretty happy with it, until I tried the buttonholer... the foot was missing. Actually, a lot of the accessories were missing and the manual was in Spanish. Looks like someone had helped themselves to half the items in the box. Dang. So it's going back today and we'll look for something else. I don't want to spend a lot of money and it will only need to last me a year or two.

The sad thing is that this little cheap Brother (less than $200) was basically the same machine as my high end Singer. The machines have come a long way in the last 10 years... and the little bit that I sewed with it (ya, it was just a basic straight stitch) seemed like it was a decent machine.

So lots to do today... our 1991 Toyota 4 Runner has a recall on it (gotta love that!) so it's off to the garage. Then return the machine to Walmart and then look elsewhere for an other machine. If I can't find something, I've got my eye on a couple on Ebay, but I really would rather I had the machine for the weekend. I've got a pair of pajamas that need buttonholes!!!


  1. Interesting-- I'm the kind of person who wants to keep something for a long time, but now I think I might be willing to trade in my sewing machine every couple of years to avoid obsoletion. I wish times were different!

  2. What a pain. I was surprised that you couldn't find a replacement part until you mentioned it was a 'newfangled' electronic machine. It seems like the old ones, like pre-computerized cars, lasted forever with just replacement parts and a little know-how.


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