Monday, October 23, 2006

Diagnosis: Weenie

Jake wants to thank everyone for their well wishes.

We had him back to the vet's on Friday. His Lyme disease results were negative and his shoulder showed signs of some improvement. The vet thought he should be feeling a bit better, so she gave us a different anti inflammatory and an additional painkiller (that should sorta knock him out). I think the anti inflammatory is working, as he doesn't seem to be in as much pain, but he's still very easily stressed. He's simply gotten very easily stressed in his old age. He shakes and pants and the stress is very stressful to be around.

So he's very needy, which means I have a 48 lb appendage attatched to me. He goes where I go and sits on or as near me as he can. This has cut into my hobby time considerably. I can't sew at all and even knitting is a bit of a challenge. He's definitely improving and I'm hoping today I can get some stuff done... including the second sleeve for the angora sweater.


  1. Aw, Jake looks so forlorn. I hope he feels better soon.

  2. Poor Jake, who is so very good at those sad, doggie eye, looks. So wrap him up in the dryer warmed blankie, prop his head on his special pillow and snuggle next to him on his couch and knit away.

    I'm glad he's improving!

  3. Jake looks sooo sad. I hope is feeling better soon.

  4. He has such a sweet face! And yes, he seems to be VERY good at giving sad doggy eyes.

    It's a very good day to stay in, so snuggle up!

  5. I just want to hug him! Get better soon, Jake!

  6. I'm so glad it's nothing more serious, and his shoulder is doing better!

    Just a thought: would you want to try a mild tranquilizer for him? Nothing to make him lie around in a dazed state, of course, but something just to help him relax a bit so he doesn't get so worked up? We did that for a bit when my cat went through a bad biting phase, and it seemed to help.

    Hugs to Jake!

  7. Jake is just so darn cute! What Debby says reminded me that we had done a trial of some kind of herbal or natural tranquilizer on the late Onslow, as suggested by the vet. We called him 'Pyscho Dog' among other things as he was a nervous guy. The stuff worked -he was not dopey on it either. Unfortunately I don't remember what the med. was called.


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