Monday, September 04, 2006

This and That

Thanks to everyone that commented on my new design. I was getting tired of the old look and was ready for something a little more fallesque.

tenizmom asked in my comments about the storage for my yarn stash. The cubes came from Bed, Bath and Beyond (had to mail order them). I also saw that Walmart has them online. This is a great time of year to find this kind of storage since the kids are heading back to school.

I store my yarn in two ways. I buy the huge Hefty zipper bags (I think they're 2.5 gallons?). I cram the yarn in those for "stash storage". If the yarn comes in a closable bag, I don't move it, and sometimes it takes two of the zippered bags to hold the yarn. Once I cast on a project, they are then put into plastic tubs (the sweater storage boxes) and moved into my UFO/WIP closet (not shown).

I also keep my patterns in 3 ring binders, divided by "style" (one for cardigan, one for pullovers, one for accessories and one for afghans. Also there's one just for Patons, as I have a lot of them and one "mixed patterns" for those booklets that have both). Ya, you should see my sewing patterns... they're stored just like at a fabric store... by number in a pattern drawer with the covers in 3 ring binders by size. Okay, that's my "system".

Let's see what I've been knitting (okay "see" might be optimistic. My computer isn't reading my memory card again, so I have to figure which problem it is, and that requires a reboot... so I may or may not be adding pictures to this post later).

The angora cardigan is breezing along. I looove the yarn. It is so soft and drapey. The back is done and I've finished the cable/lace pattern on the left front.

Oh, and I cast on a pair of socks. I had to try my new handpainted yarn from Fearless Fibers (an Etsy shop... man, that place is DANGEROUS! For someone that loves handcrafted items, it's a frickin' gold mine). Here's the photo from the Etsy Shop:

I started a pair of socks with it, but I'm thinking I might prefer to "see" it more than just on my feet. So I'm now thinking of making the Diamond Fantasy Scarf... However, I do have that whole Shoalwater Shawl thing to finish (and let's not forget the Landscape, too... but I only have about 30 more rows to go on that one).

Well today is a holiday, so Matt's home (ya like he doesn't work at home 3 days a week anyway... and I'm sure some work will be done today). We don't have anything unusual planned... no picnics, etc, but I do have SnB tonight. I'm going to concentrate on some gift knitting today, unless something comes up.

Have a good Labor Day and Happy Knitting!


  1. Cindy,
    Consider joining my knitalong with Black Water Abbey. It is yahoo group BWAKerryKAL. This looks like your kind of sweater.

  2. Nancy J10:57 AM

    Good Autumnal artwork! Thanks for your own organizational methods. I'm doing notebooks, too, only to salvage the small amount of sanity I have left! But the sun's coming out after Ernesto's remnants, so that helps a lot!


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