Friday, September 01, 2006

Curing Knitting Enuui

Feeling uninspired?

Current projects seem old, tired and just repetitious?

Need to add a little excitement to the knitting needles?

Have I got the solution for you:

click to enlarge

Try knitting with angora.

The photo doesn't begin to describe the beauty of this yarn. The way it knits. The sensual feeling of it sliding thru your hands with each stitch. This particular angora is actually a wool/angora blend by Elsebeth Lavold. (the color is wisteria and is more purplely/blue than grey). The pattern is actually a Classic Elite pattern from "Winter" and originally done in La Gran (which made the cables almost non exisistant). I was pleasantly surprised at how well the cables showed up in the angora. The photos mean nothing here. This yarn can only be explained thru the sense of touch.

So I was sitting in my knitting chair yesterday and every single project just seemed like work. Sigh. So I did go shopping. At the Knitting Park Stash. I bought that yarn earlier this year (on sale at 50% off... snap!) and I knew that I wanted to give the pattern a try. Viola! A perfect match, and a quick knit to boot.

So I feel impassioned about a project again. Sadly, I still have some obligation knitting to take care of, but at least I have a project that I look forward to working on!

Happy Knitting!!


  1. mmmm...angora...sounds heavenly!

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM

    The new look to your blog is very nice ... as is the angora work.

  3. Love the autumn look of the blog! Where did you get the bins for your stash? What type of "bags" is your yarn contained? Is it the bag from the point of purchase or "special". Unfortunately I too have my own yarn store and the storage tubs are taking over and even though they are clear it's hard to "shop" the stash. Thanks

  4. Whoa! Your blog looks GREAT! Can I contract you out to work on mine? ;-)

  5. Love the autumn-y feel of your blog! Very appropriate for this time of year; especially with the cool fall like days we've been having.

    So I get the feeling you're enjoying the angora... ;-)

  6. Oh...I love the fall look, very cool!

  7. I like the fall theme. Glad you've found an inspiring yarn; the cables stand out nicely.

  8. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Tried angora and wasn't happy with the feel. I much prefer alpaca sport or else merino wool with some cashmere in it.


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