Monday, September 18, 2006

Obligatory Update

I feel like I should post something, yet I'm not really what to say.

The knitting is still just sort of hit or miss right now. I'm working on things sporatically. Nothing is making much progress.

I feel like sewing right now, so I'm making a pair of pj's. I love sewing pajamas. No fitting issues, they're fast, they're practical and I can go wild with the fabric (current pair is of cute doggies with moons). I'm going to finish up the pair I started yesterday. I could've finished them yesterday, but football starts at 1:00.

It looks like Matt's race team will be holding a beer and dinner night (no date set, probably early next year) and they'll be raffling off some things to help raise money for the team. I told Matt I would knit an aran style afghan to raffle off. Now I just need to decide what will hold my interest long enough to make... oh and find inexpensive, washable yarn. Just an other obligation project to add to my list.

Well, off to finish a pair of pajamas!


  1. Would undoing 50 or so picots be up your alley right about now? Seriously there is some major swag coming your way if you say yes.

  2. It sounds like you need a new project, or something to jumpstart your motivation. Maybe you'll find something inspiring for the afghan project? I hope your knitting funk ends soon. :)

    Thanks for the recommendation of the Trust but Verify blog. This guy must spend all day doing this -- he is SO thorough. Fingers crossed for good news tonight for Floyd.


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