Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why I love knitting for Matt

I'm slowly trudging along on the Natural Beauty Fair Isle. Let's not forget that this is attempt #3. I'm a wee bit bored with the garter rib pattern (and the humidity issues of the last couple of days hasn't been condusive to knitting with wool). It seems endless. I swear I kept measuring and measuring and it was still 15" long (I was shooting for 16" before I split for the armholes.

Okay, let's do a body check. Ya, that 15" is just fine (hmmm, maybe that why it wouldn't get any longer) for Matt's height. The second attempt of this sweater I went too far... way too far. It was the day I met Rosie for the first time and we sat and chatted and knit and chatted and knit, and I knit too far.

Matt doesn't like his sweaters too long. It's a height thing. While longer sweaters look great on big guys, they look ill fitting on the more compact man. So it's ready to split:

click to enlarge

The other current project that's moving along well is the Landscape Shawl. I had an issue with a yarn over so frogged back a couple of rows, but everything is fine and dandy now.

Today is a trip to the dentist. Should get a little knitting done there.
Happy Knitting

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  1. I love that sweater, great colors for a man!


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