Friday, August 25, 2006

More on Sewing

My playdate with Julie and Ann was great. Since both sew, I was able to get some feedback on the wrap dress (remember Matt's only feedback was "it looks frumpy on you"). I didn't think the style was right for me (I have a very "shapely" figure) and thought it was the tie around the middle that made the dress look frumpy. However, it does come back to poor adjustment on the shoulder area. I thought I had done enough, but my shoulders are more narrow than expected.

While I've done considerable amount of custom sewing in the past (5 wedding dresses to my credit).. it's much harder to custom fit on yourself. You can't get accurate measurements, and sometimes your own prececption can be a drawback. As with all of us, what used to work for me on my adjustments, doesn't anymore.

So basically I'm going to try the dress again, drop down two sizes and adjust for my ample bust line. The pattern is so clever, easy to construct and should be simple to alter. The problem is... summer is just about over, do I need a sun dress right now? (however I might pop back to the store to get more of the fabric to retry the top section, why make the skirt again?

The other thing that Ann, Julie and I discussed was my fabric choice. I used a 100% cotton print. Not a lot of drape. It might work better in a drapier fabric. Oh well, I haven't given up yet! Quite frankly the dress was a lot of fun to make and I'm more than willing to give it an other try.

Ya, let's talk some knittin'

Nothing really to report. Gena decided that the row counter on my Shoalwater made for a really tasty chew toy and destroyed it and the Addi's that I was using. So off to Olde Peddler's Wools in Morgantown to replace them (and get an other set.. I am still working on the Landscape Shawl). I love shopping at Olde Peddler's Wool. Darlene is a delight and we end up talking more about biking than knitting. How great is a yarn store that you can talk about knitting, biking and across the street you can get soft serve ice cream. Life can be good, folks, that's for sure. (It doesn't hurt that I was shopping with Theresa and Lauren too. So much fun!)

I've got some chores to take care of today, but hope to spend some time knitting. Maybe a few more rows on the Shoalwater? Measure Matt's Natrual Beauty Fair Isle to see if I can split for the armholes yet? Cast on the Sunrise Circle Jacket again? Oh decisions decisions decisions....

Happy knitting!!

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