Monday, August 14, 2006

Busy and Disappointing Weekend.

So I've been trying to upload pictures to Matt's racing blog and it won't take them and I'm being lazy about coding them myself).
However, Blogger uploads them to my blog. Hrmuph.

Anyway. Aren't they cute? That's Matt's team. From left to right: Tim, Marty, Bryan, Jim and Matt (who must dress alike, even if they're not in team gear), Chris and Jason.

If you look closely at Bryan, you'll notice the bandages (and I'll apologize that he has a shirt on, believe me I am truely sorry). There was some carnage over the weekend. Both Matt and Bryan had tough crashes (seperate). Bryan was in a break and the guy behind him was riding head down and hard and literally just ran right into him. Ran over him and his bike (both wheels broken: that's $1000 in wheels, guys). Matt was in the front for the finishing sprint when the rider in front of him touched wheels with an other rider and went down. Matt had nowhere to go. Luckily, he didn't break any teeth and his cut lip didn't require stitches (however, his lip looks pretty bad).

On top of that, Matt missed his time for the Time Trial so lost about 45 seconds before he even started. Uh. Not a good karma weekend for him. However the weather was beautiful and they had a good time (they're a fun group of guys). Here's some more pictures from Sunday:

That's pretty much the end of the racing season. There's one more crit Matt will probably do, but now he'll concentrate on getting the sponsership thing done and start training for next season (he needs to build his sprinting strength and work more on the time trial).

Well, this is a knitting blog, no? Not much to report on that front. I'm still finishing up the second sock for the Slip Stitch Sock in the Claudia Handpaints (lovely lovely yarn), but the second heel is being fiddly (I keep dropping stitches). I could get it done today, but I'm sort of in a sewing groove right now and I might try to finish the dress I cut out on Saturday (thanks to Kate and Lauren for their help in helping me pick out some patterns).

So I'll try to finish up the socks today so I can get back to my other knitting (Silver Creek Gansey is so close to finishing) but we'll see how the sewing goes.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the crashes and lost time :( I guess everyone has a bad day coming sooner or later-- I'm just glad he wasn't hurt seriously! Sounds like a good season overall, too. I'm just about to the yoke pattern (again) on my gansey...

  2. Ouch. Too bad about the accidents but as Kate said at least the injuries weren't too bad. And it was a glorious weekend to be outside. Have fun knitting/sewing today!

  3. Sorry Matt didn't finish in the top 5 but when you think about how horrible/dangerous the crashes can be, he really is lucky.

    I had fun with you and Kate on Saturday!

  4. So glad that no one was seriously hurt. It was interesting to read that your race season is almost over too. Will you miss it? When does it start again in PA?

    It seems everyone is making slow progress lately on their knitting projects as it's end of summer. The gansey does look wonderful though.

  5. thanks everyone for the well wishes for Matt. Ironically, both Matt and Bryan were more upset over the damage to the bikes rathe than the bodies. Bryan's wheels were destroyed (and his injuries were worse than Matt's). I guess it's priorities, eh?

    Debby: the first races will start end of March. They start off with a time trial series then move into the road races. However, the guys will still ride all winter. Saturday mornings will be training rides now instead of races.


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