Monday, July 24, 2006

At truely great weekend!!!

A hectic, busy weekend with lots of fun with good friends. Okay, so not a lot of knitting got done (actually now that I think about it, I don't think I knit at all over the weekend!!! how did that happen???)

Thanks for the congrats to Matt about his finish at Mt. Nebo. It was an exciting day for us. I was beat by the end of the day (hey, cheering on the entire field in hot humid weather is tough!).

Sunday was spent with friends to celebrate Joan's birthday (go wish her a happy birthday!!!). Theresa picked me up nice and early and we joined Linda and Joan for some lunch and cake! No one knitted (too busy chatting and fondling Joan's stash!) I do have pictures, but my lemon of a camera has decided that it doesn't like to format my photos correctly (I thought it might be Photoshop that was corrupt, but the Canon software isn't reading the files either... argh!). Anyway, we had a great get together.

So now it's Monday and back to the daily grind. With no more Tour de France to entertain me! (and it was a very entertaining TdF, eh?). So I'll do a little laundry... okay, maybe a lot of laundry. I've been procrastining on it. Maybe some of the regular weekend chores that I didn't get a chance to do and maybe a little knitting to boot.

I think I'll concentrate on the Not So High Cabled Tank so I can wear it to the Knit In at the Mannings next month.

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. next time I'm betting on the tour based on your predictions. :)

    congrats to matt and so glad you guys had fun with Joan for her bday

  2. Yeah, if I were a gambler I'd listen to Cindy!

  3. I know how you feel...we had a great weekend at C's race, and watching the Tour recap last night with friends, and now I'm feeling so lost without it, only a pile of laundry and vacuuming to take its place. Please give us Floyd updates as he prepares for surgery...

  4. okay, let me say that picking Floyd was an emotional choice. I knew he had a shot, but I don't think I would bet the family farm on it!

    Here's the latest rumor mill for ya: Levi Leipheimer signed with Discovery and Floyd extended with I-Shares (Phonak will not be a sponser next year so I-Shares is taking over the main sponsorship)


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