Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ah, a holiday. Ya, like that makes a difference here at chez Knitting Park. Matt's already out for a 3+ hour bike ride, I've got some chores to do and we'll do hot dogs on the grill for dinner. Ya, do we know how to do a holiday or what?

I did some shopping yesterday, mostly for buttons and some sewing supplies. Matt finally got the window trim and blinds up in my sewing room (and he even swept up my floor!) so I need to get back to some sewing. I have a dress all cut out and the body is pieced together. It needs sleeves and lining then the finishing. I'm not sure I'll get to it today, but I'm actually a bit antsy to get it done (as I bought fabric for two new dresses yesterday).

However, it's still all about knitting!!! The Cabled High Neck Tank is moving really nicely. I should get it to the armholes today.

Well off to watch a little Tour while I work on my chores!

Have a safe holiday and Happy Knitting!!

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