Friday, June 09, 2006

Progress Update

Still no camera. I'm waiting very impatiently at this point. I'm not impressed with this camera. First, for it to stop working within 6 months of purchase, and the extremely slow turn around for the repair. Compared to my computer, it's been almost twice as long...

Anyway, I've been doing some obligation knitting (and Matt's dangling Ratchet and Clank 3 as my carrot... he knows if I get it now I'll never finish what I need to finsh. Smart man).

I'm also moving along on the Scoop du Jour. I actually finished the back and blocked it yesterday. I wanted to make sure the Cara Mia would block well, as that bottom ribbing really needs to open up. So far so good. I also have the first half of the front cast on and plugging away on the ribbing. Having half the width sure does make it go faster.

So a little of this, a little of that is the plan for today. Some new sock yarn purchased this week needs to be put in a ball so I can swatch it... probably for the Jaywalker's? Hmmmm... just not enough time in the day.

Have a great weekend... and be sure to KIP tomorrow!!!

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