Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Got me some new shoes!

Yesterday I was on a quest. A quest for a pair of shoes. A very specific pair of shoes. They needed to be slip ons (as I'm lazy). They needed to be brown. I didn't want a high heel. I didn't want a wedge heel. I didn't want a low cut. I wanted a basic pair of dress casual brown slip on shoes to wear with my chinos.

I guess I wanted a pair of penny loafers.

Could I find a pair of penny loafers? Nope, all the women's shoes I could find either had the high heel, the wedge heel, were clogs (I can't wear clogs. I walk heel to toe and literally walk right out of them) or just "not right".

I saw many pairs that I liked in the men's department. Perfect casual slip on loafers. Hmmm... wonder what the boy's department has?

Well, they had Hush Puppies Penny Loafers, exactly what I was looking for, but would they fit? I do wear boys socks (as women's socks are HUGE on me), so I started with a size 5W... too large, how bout a 4W? nope, but the 3W fit just perfect! Good to know... and I'll be checking the boys department for my next pair of sneakers too!

This isn't the first time I've bought boys shoes. When I was in college I desperately needed a pair of snow boots to walk around Philly in. I didn't want dressy high heel boots... I wanted snow boots. All the woman's shoes were impractical to walk around slippery brick sidewalks in slushy snow. I ended up in the boys department then too.

I will say that I don't spend a lot of time clothes shopping (as I would rather buy yarn), but I did see some pretty things this time. My favorite shade of blue is "the" color this season (which is good, as I just bought two different yarns in that shade, including the bamboo yarn that I'm using to make the V neck pullover from Inspired Cable Knits)

I did get a little knitting done yesterday... just a few rows on the Rose Leaf Pullover sleeve. I'm hoping to get some more done on that today. As well as buy a dryer.

The camera was shipped off yesterday for repairs, so hopefully I'll be back to more pictures soon. Hmm, maybe I can try to get the firt sleeve done on the Rose Leaf Pullover by then?

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Another good thing about the boys' dept. is things usually are a lot cheaper. Have you ever tried Bass Weejun loafers? They are pretty comfy and look nice.


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