Saturday, April 15, 2006

Knitting Party!!!

Just returned from our Mannings Birthday Bash.

Check out the beautiful cupcakes Julie made:

Here's the birthday girls in their splendor:

Here's Ann (wearing the double hat) and Kate:

Joan finished her flamingo top in time for the party (hopefully she has a better picture of it on her blog) with Kate:

Here's a bad picture of Kathy, Rosie and Faith:

One more of Ann with Nicole C.:

Sadly, I don't have a picture of Julie!!!! So very sorry (but I did get a shot of her incredibly wonderful cupcakes!)

Oh, and the sign in the bathrooms at the Weis in Gap:

What an incredible way to spend a gorgeous Saturday! We did a little snacking, a little shopping and some knitting. Thanks so much ladies for the wonderful wonderful day. I'm so blessed to find such fun knitting friends!!


  1. And thank YOU for helping me decide on the Cotton Fleece, I am so glad I decided to go along today. What fun!


  2. It was a very good party. Onward to MD S&W for more fun!

  3. Marilyn B11:14 PM

    Do you suppose I could find ANYONE to enable me at MS&WF? Yea! I get to come after babysitting the grands in NC. Looking forward to meeting you Cindy.

  4. Those cupcakes look too cute to eat! Looks like you all had fun! I hope to go next time.


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