Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Big Thanks!!!!!

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday!! I must say that I had one of the best birthdays ever! Spending Saturday with good friends at a great yarn store then yesterday Matt treated me to a special day ending the evening with coffee and cake with our good friends and neighbors. Perfect!!!

Here's the knitting bounty: Books!!!!!

A truely wonderful book (more about this beauty later)

This book is wonderful too. I've got about 3 or 4 projects already marked (this is the same designer who designed this... which I have started. Must get it finished so I can start one of these beauties!!!

Plus one more Barbara Walker book:

I looove knitting books!

Matt and I had planned on going to Longwood Gardens yesterday to spend my birthday. It was a perfect day for it. I put on my Spring Forward Cardigan, as even tho' it was sunny, it's still was a bit brisk out. Then as we're heading out the door Matt asked if I wanted to go to Brickerville to Ball and Skein. Well, ya, sheesh, of course I would!!! So we enjoyed a pleasant car ride up to Brickerville, I did a little shopping then we headed over to Adamstown to have lunch and a beer at the Stoudt's Brewery. Sadly, they don't open til 5:00 during the week, so we just stopped and had a quick bite at a diner.

I did buy some yarn at Ball and Skein (well, not much compared to the usual damage I can cause there... but I was with Matt, not Theresa and that makes a huge difference... heehee). I got some yarn to make Matt a vest (this seems to be becoming an anual birthday tradition. I'll see if I can have it done by Christmas again this year) and I got a few more skeins of the Katia Bamboo that I bought the last time I was there so I could knit one of the designs from Inspired Cable Knits.

I of course had to cast it on yesterday to "swatch" it.:

The yarn is a cotton/bamboo blend and it's just lovely. I'm not sure how the cables are going to "pop", but I'm pretty happy so far.

Well, the birthday celebrations are done, and I need to get back on schedule. I have 3 projects in rotation now, and I need to get focused again to finish up some things. I did finish up the first Petticoat Jaywalker sock and I'm about one repeat into the back of the Rose Leaf Pullover. I'll probably cast on the second Petticoat sock today and try to get at least one repeat done on the Rose Leaf Pullover.

So thanks again for all the happy birthday wishes yesterday! It was a lovely lovely birthday! Thanks everyone!!!!

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  1. is it just me or do knitters have the nicest husbands? :)

    What a wonderful birthday!


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