Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

Just a few things from the weekend to wrap up.

The project info on Garnet:

Pattern: Garnet designed by Elsebeth Lavold from her book Sentimental Journey
Yarn: Cotton Patine
Pattern Modifications: I made one minor change to the pattern. I made the sleeve armbands a bit bigger than the pattern calls for.
Problem With The Pattern: None that I found.
Overall Impression: A super fast, easy, yet interesting knit. I'm thrilled with how if fits, how it feels and how it looks. Less than 2 weeks to knit.

So the general consensious was that it was a great project.

Other info from the weekend (and I can't believe that I forgot to post this yesterday!).

Race Results: Matt finished 7th in the Cat 3/4 Time Trial! This was a huge improvement from last year (he finished 25th in the Cat 5 TT from the Tour de Christiana). His friend Jim won the 3/4 and Matt's other team mate came in 4th. All in all a super great day for the Iron Hill Race Team!!!

In case you are wondering, our lives now revolve around cycling. Meals, schedules, vacations, everything. Matt has found his passion and it's cycling. What started as a weight loss program has turned into a major factor in our lives. We talk bikes, we talk training, we talk nutrition. Occassionally we talk knitting (heehee). And yes, the passion for cycling is so extreme that even at the height of his chicken pox outbreak, he still trained (I would see it as an excuse not to workout...)

In knitting update, I finished up the left front on Obsession Spring Forward and started the right front. It looks like I do have enough yarn to make it longer if I want, but I'm still debating if I need to (part of me just wants it done so I can wear it). I'm going to shoot for 32 rows today... with the hope that I'll have it done by the weekend. I ordered buttons yesterday, so I need to get this right front done and get to that button band!!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Excellent job, Matt! Everyone needs to be passionate about something, whether it be biking or knitting or whatever.

  2. Yay Matt!!! Tell him I said congrats.

  3. My DH has been cycling since doing "Little 5" at I.U. long time ago. Our kids grew up going to races until tennis took over their lives. He still races and is in great shape. Wish I had knitted during all the races and matches I've been to.


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