Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Cable Is Out

Confession: I haven't been working on Spring Forward for a couple of days. So close to getting it done, but I'm a little cabled out. I've been working on some simple st. st. projects and replaying Sly 2. Oh and buying more yarn.

Friday I went shopping with Nicole and bought this and yarn to do the cover sweater:

Yesterday I went to two shops with a Ann, Julie and our other Nicole from our SnB group. I decided that I love yarn. Not just a little, but all of it. I'm always attracted to hand dyed yarns, but find I don't really use them that much. Doesn't keep me from buying them:

Some beautiful hand dyed yarn from Wool in the Woods to make the Lucy bag (and I'm keeping this one!!!)

Some beautiful merino wool from Tess. I bought enough to make a sweater.

I also bought some other Wool in the Woods yarn to make a little purse (the Lily bag also from Two Old Bags).

As you can see, the Lucy bag was started immediately and it's a nice break from all those cables. It doesn't look like the Spring Forward will get done this week after all, but it's close and I'll keep plugging away at it. I think I just needed a little breather and I'm actually looking forward to working on it a bit today. So I can start something else....

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