Thursday, March 30, 2006

An Apology to Ms. Bliss

Okay, so I admit that I've been dis'in' Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn since I made Matt's second Wonderous Woven Cables sweater from it. I didn't like working with the yarn at all. I found that every ball was full of knots (and with only 100 yds per ball, that seems like a lot). There were some really poorly spun sections and since it's a superwash yarn, no spit splicing (trust me, I tried).

While I was happy with the results of the sweater and Matt loves the softness, I thought the yarn was too expensive for the quality issues. I swore I would only use it again if I found a good deal on it.

Well, I did. Ball and Skein had it on sale, so I bought some black for the back of my entrelac vest.

I have not found one knot or nub in the 3 skeins I've used. So maybe I just got a bad batch the first time? Maybe only 3 skeins isn't a good sampling, but the yarn is lovely to the touch and it's nice to work with.

Speaking of the entrelac vest... the fronts have all the ends woven in and I was past the armhole shaping on the back, but decided my armholes weren't deep enough, so I ripped back. Painful, but I want this sweater to be comfortable and I think I want 9" deep armholes rather than 7.5".

So it's progressing well, considering that it's black st. st.

Today I'm off to a knitting class at Old Peddler's Wool. I'm going to learn to knit continental. I sorta taught myself how to do with with books and trial and erro, but I'm hoping that having a class will make me more proficient with it (and I can get better gauge).

For those not on the Aran Knitlist, I've started a Yahoo groups for a Sam the Ram/Sue the Ewe knitalong. I'm just playing hostess on the KAL, as I've already knit Sam. I think this project is perfect for a KAL, so if you've been waiting for the right time to knit Sam or Sue, sign up for the KAL!

Well, off to decide what I'm taking to class to work on....

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  1. I think I remember seeing a discussion somewhere about the Cashmerino Aran. Something about a bunch of it haveing the problems you described but being corrected now. If I remember where I'll send you the webaddress. Continental, Cool! If you can do that it supposedly makes fair isle easier and faster too. I've had to really experiment and play with how I form the stitches to get my gauge, I imagine the teacher in the class will be able to help a lot.


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