Monday, February 20, 2006

Sadly Lacking In Butt Decreasing Skills

Poor Sam, he's being made by someone that really struggles with butt decreasing. If I can't decrease my own, I guess I should've known I wouldn't be able to decrease his properly either.

However, I can live with it. It's certainly not noticable enough for me to frog back to the point that I got off center, then figure out where I am on the different charts.

He is moving along well other than that:

I'm still switching between the socks and Sam. I'm not quite finished with the first sock, so I'll work a bit more on that this evening.

Okay, two posts in one day is enough... back to my knitting (and laundry)

After looking at Sam's butt for a while (yes, I know that doesn't sound right) I'm not so sure I can live with it. The whole idea behind Sam is the challenge and cleverness of the design, including the butt decreases. Honest opinions sought. What should I do?


  1. I'm insane and have already ripped my lace scarf out 6 times total but yes I would rip it out too. You asked for honesty.

  2. Usually I would say let it go, but as you say part of the reason for Sam is the learning and perfecting process. Gulp- I'd rip it out- and I bet you already have!

  3. Yep, Nicole, when I ask for an opinion, that's what I want (not that I always follow that opinion). In this case I agree 100% and Sam needed to be fixed... yep Kristen, that's a "fixed" as I did rip back and he's all fixed. Pics tomorrow!!

  4. Jennifer ( Canada)6:58 AM

    Glad you are fixing Sam's butt,because you will see it when it is stuffed. I had to do some ripping also.


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