Sunday, January 29, 2006

What? An other weekend post????

Well, there's a reason.

A very good reason.

A yarn crawl.

A yarn crawl with a 25% off coupon.

Long lines, good friends...

Lauren waiting in line to check out.

Theresa and some complete strangers (that's my sock being passed around) waiting to check out.

I was the only one prepared for the checkout line... Jaywalker and I spent some quality time while we were waiting to check out. I'm not kidding, out of the 30+ knitters, I was the only one knitting! Amateurs!

Oh, and Lauren won the "how much did Theresa spend" showcase. (I went over, should've just said $1)

It was a truly delightful day! I feel very blessed to have found other obsessed passionate knitters!


  1. Looks like a good time! Sorry to have missed it. Although I did get in some Olympic training today!

  2. You look happy,and fab in your aran !

  3. Yay, yarn sales! Your Aran looks great on you. Yes, always be prepared with something to knit. I guess we'll have to wait for tomorrow's post to see what you bought!

  4. Awesome time!! so, what did ya get? Love your sweater too! and I see the bag that I love so much over your shoulder *grin*
    Hugs hugs hugs!

  5. I'm desparately trying to order the Japanese knitting books and thanks to your links I've got them in my cart, but can NOT checkout because most of the Japanese symbols are zeros?! H-e-l-p I'm addicted and must acquire.

  6. Kate, I wisely used my time to train too... worked on my training sock!

    Thanks Emma, we had a blast (and I soooo love that aran!)

    Thanks Kristen!!! I only bought yarn for one sweater, but you'll see it in today's post (and other misc stuff!)

    Heehee Carissa! The bag is perfect knitting store size. Big enough to keep a project in, yet I didn't feel I was slamming into everyone while I shopped... well, as much as anyone else was. It was a tight fit!

    Lisa: you'll need to make sure your computer has the Japanese charactor set installed (You should get a pop up menu asking if you would like to do that). Go ahead and you'll be able to see the Japanese writing. I'm also fairly sure that there was an English checkout option (the titles of the books and such will still be in Japanese, but you'll get directions in English)

  7. What a yucky picture of me!

    Thanks for going with me and I'm glad you had a good time!

  8. Wish i could have made it. So glad you took your knitting along,HaHA , don't you always have a project with you! can't wait to hear more. Great pics!

  9. I was able to use the English checkout option with no Japanese character set installed.

    That Aran is lovely on you! --Sylvia


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