Saturday, January 28, 2006

Spring Forward, Part Trois

Third times a charm, right?
I took my previous attempt, sat down with tape measure/pencil/paper and my body measurements and "tweeked" a few things.

I moved the two rope cables out of the neck opening and put them on the saddle. I removed all moss stitch filler on the sides. Oh, and thanks to Carissa's suggestion, I reversed those rope cables on each side. It's not something that I normally care about (I think only knitters notice mirrored cables), but I think it'll look nice (just remind me to do the same on the front!!)

While I was sitting down with my tape measure, pencil and paper, I thought I would recheck my gauge one more time... oh and I was smart enough to actually do it over the entire 4" (I'm soooo lazy with gauge, it's not even funny) and I am getting 21 sts to 4" rather than 20. Well, gee wonder why my sleeves were too tight. Doh!

However, that's okay, as now I have a great swatch to do my own math. I now can make this sweater in the yarn that I want to fit ME! Yeah!!! It was all simple tweeking and I'm much happier with the size of this neck opening (now if in three months I complain that the neck is too small, don't you dare come back to this post then proceed to make fun of me!)

So now I'm switching between this one and my FLAK (only about an other 3" on the back for that one). I'm going to be doing both as cardigans. My FLAK I'm planning on a zippered front. Both are going to be high V necks. The Spring Forward length is going to be based on how much yarn I have. I'm hoping fro a traditional length, but I'll be fine with it if it's a bit cropped. The FLAK is going to be a bit longer than waist length. Mid hip, perhaps?


  1. dear God your knitting talent scares me

  2. Lovely, lovely. Your process is incredible.

  3. Awesome girl!!! you go! and yes, I'll remind you on the front *grin*
    Hugs hugs hugs!

  4. Beautiful. I'm ordering the pattern and will join the KAL as soon as it arrives.

  5. LOL, I sent you an email before checking your blog! I woulda been surprised tomorrow, eh? Spring Forward looks more and more lovely everytime you start! I think this is the ONE though!


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