Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quick Post

I spent all morning waiting for Blogger to finish their 30 minute maintance from yesterday. I got tired of waiting, so I installed Myst V: End of Ages. I then rebooted (as I always do after a big game installation) and checked Blogger again. I probably should've re booted earlier...

Anyway, here's my blog for the day.

I did check the Spring Forward Cardigan measurments and I'm way off.
My filler stitch gauge is right on, but my neck opening is about 8.5" rather than 7" per the instructions. I knew it just wasn't right, and should've checked it earlier. So I'm basically going to restart the entire sweater using what I have done as my "swatch". I need to really get smarter about stuff like this, especially since I almost always substitute yarn. I know that different yarn "cables" differently and I need to swatch more than just the filler stitch.

I also remember saying at one point that I probably wouldn't be able to memorize the one braid chart... I'm thinking that might not be an issue any more. I've now knit it so many times that I think I'm starting to get the hang of it without constantly checking the chart.

Oh, and I'm about 6" down the back of my FLAK, but the second Jaywalker sock is only on it's third color band....


  1. I never thought of different yarns cabling differently being my problem ... I think it is! What are you going to do your new Spring Forward in?
    One thing, while looking at your lovely picture ... I think I'd mirror those two cables that are outside the middle one ... would look nicer me thinks :)
    Hugs hugs hugs!

  2. It's funny how seeing a pattern in a different yarn changes your attraction to it. The Spring Forward didn't really float my boat when I saw it in T&T. But seeing yours has me plotting how soon I can get to it. Your knitting is just gorgeous.

  3. Big swatches are the only kind that work for me, sadly. But it sure is beautiful!

  4. Do those cables make a stable (sufficiently firm) saddle? Ever since seeing your first photo of this sweater I've been pondering them, and I think they might become part of my FLAK. --Sylvia

  5. Eileen in OR10:11 PM

    I hate to think of you frogging all that work. Can't you simply make a fairly substantial (fold-down) collar? The "Selfish Aran" I started for myself has a huge collar; it's one of the few things about this project that I'll keep. You can see a pix of it here:


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