Monday, October 27, 2014


I think karma is trying to tell me to finish project instead of starting new!

I've started two projects over the last week and they're just not working. Here's an example of how this morning is going:

That's an other Twyla. I'm using some Solo Silk from Brooks Fiber Farm and I love the colors. It's giving me great fabric... except for the color stacking. Which I frickin' hate. This is the second project I've used with this yarn and I had the same problem with that knitted project.

I am alternating skeins (which is annoying in crochet) and it doesn't seem to matter where I start my two skeins, they start to stack (I've even switched out a couple of times trying to get less stacking).  The first two inches or so are fine, then I suddenly can't help but have the stacking. I'm going to rip back a few inches and try alternating more skeins. It's going to be worth it, as the fabric is perfect... it's just the color stacking that is driving me nuts. It might just be this colorway... and I do have a different colorway in stash. Hmmm...

I also bought a pattern and yarn at Stitches a few weeks back. I love the pattern and color, but after starting it, I realized that I'm going to have to do a lot of tweaking to the pattern for a comfy fit. (it's a boxy cardigan with a modified drop shoulder sleeve). I'll have to adjust the hips/sleeves/shoulders (probably convert to a fitted sleeve) to give me a flattering fit for my full bust/narrow shoulders/heavy arms build. This is why I should be knitting for Matt...

Oh and not only is Christmas coming, we have an anniversary coming up. Ya, maybe the knitting goddess is trying to tell me something?

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