Friday, December 23, 2011

Cambridge Jacket

I finished up Matt's Christmas project this morning. I might go back and do one more steam block and maybe reinforce the bottom of the zipper. However, it's done... and with a day to spare! Let's do some project stats!!

Pattern: Cambridge Jacket by Ann Budd

Yarn: Berroco's Blackstone Tweed (worsted)

Problems with the pattern: None, really. All mistakes were me not actually reading (I skim patterns, looking just for the numbers. This came back to bite me twice with this pattern).

Changes to the pattern: I used a smaller needle to cast on, did 3 rows of 1X1 rib over the st. st. sections for the front and back. Did a one row of sc for the front openings (habit: I almost always do that for a zippered opening). I also almost always use a crochet cast on anymore (one too many "ran short of tail for the long tail cast on), and for this one, I wouldn't want to do any other cast on. Since you crochet around the edges, that crochet cast on made for a very easy finish.

Overall impressions: it's a great basic very male friendly pattern. Easy to do, yet the little bit of ribbing not only makes it visually appealing, it's more fun to knit than straight st. st. The yarn? What can I say? It's a wool/mohair/angora tweed blend. So very yummy that I'm hoping this baby is too big for Matt and I can totally steal it.

I can't give an impression on fit, as Matt hasn't tried it on yet, but my only real concern is sleeve length. Easy to shorten if I have to.

So now I can either finish my wool/cashmere socks, get back to concentrating on Matt's St. Patrick sweater or cast on something new!

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