Monday, May 23, 2011

Newsbreak: Cindy Finishes a Sweater!

... and is happy with it!

It has been a while, that's for sure. The knitting mojo might be back! It feels like this is the first project in almost two years that I feel really good about. There was very little frogging, it went together easily and I'm very happy with how it looks (Matt has yet to try it on... hopefully he'll be pleased with the fit).

Guess I should do some project stats, eh?

Pattern: Kearsarge from A Fine Fleece (my favoritest knitting book, ever!)

Yarn: Elann's Naples (a special edition wool/silk/viscose blend, very similar to Silky Wool) in walnut.

Changes to the pattern: None

Problems with the pattern: None

Overall impressions: I love it. The yarn is a bit splitty to work with, but I love the "crunchiness" of the silk combined with the wool. The color is just yummy. A dark brown with ochre heather highlights. The pattern was fabulous. I love knitting basket weave and my short attention span loves that the sleeves are a different pattern stitch than the main body. I would absolutely knit this sweater again.

I will say that my trend of finishing projects on bad photography days continues, as I did have to do a lot of color adjustments in Photoshop. So here's the usual disclaimer: photo does not represent actual color of sweater.

So I'm feeling a bit inspired again. It's nice to not have to rip the whole thing back thanks to bad gauge or poor fit or lack of following directions (all things I've been really really good at lately... did I mention that I did finish an entire Sitcom Chic? at the wrong gauge???? hrumph).

Next up is my fourth Hey Teach. I blame Julie. She's knitting one... so I have to knit yet an other!


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Hi Cindy,

    I am so glad you are blogging again. Your new sweater is lovely. Can't wait to see more projects!
    Take care,
    Amie F

  2. The new sweater looks like a really fun knit. Maybe it will inspire me!

  3. The new sweater looks like a fun knit. Maybe it will inspire me to get back to my knitting.


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