Thursday, November 18, 2010

Procrastination Technique #2

As we established yesterday, blogging is an excellent way to avoid knitting earflaps (is earflaps one word or two? hmmm ear flaps doesn't look right, does it?)

Today we cover the "it's almost done, why not just finish it" procrastination technique:

A crochet afghan that I've been using as my breakfast project for a while now. It has a few ends to weave in, but it's basically done.

Let's do some project stats, eh?

Pattern: Sweet Tangerine by Barbara Schaffer (pattern is from the Leisure Arts booklet: Contempary Cottage Afghans)

Yarn: Lion Brand Woolease in Sage

Changes to the pattern: none

Problems with the pattern: none

Overall thoughts: wonderful pattern. The pattern stitch was easy and interesting to do. The resulting afghan is just what I wanted. One of the prettiest crochet afghan patterns I have ever seen. The Woolease is great afghan yarn for our house (machine wash and dry: whoot!) and the sage color is right up my alley! (editor's note: the photograph is not accurate. The color of the yarn is a true sage, not the light green as shown).

So tomorrow we'll discuss the benfits of sock drawer organization and how it's not really procrastination (oh what? you thought I would be knitting earflaps. HA!)

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