Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two Days with Two FO's!

I finished up one of my crochet bags yesterday and finished up my Sampler Pullover today (both need a little blocking, and I haven't lined the bag yet... but it's a usable bag, so I'm counting it).

I didn't redownload Photoshop yet, but I'm trying a freeware program (much less of a memory hog), so I was able to get some photos today.

First up is the Sunny Shoulder Bag:

As the photo shows, I can wear it a la messanger bag style, which is great (that's with the length given in the pattern). I would probably shorten the strap 6" if I wanted a shoulder bag. Let's do some project stats!

Pattern: Sunny Shoulder Bag from the March/April 09 issue of Crochet Today!

Yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream Stripes (for the hexagons) and Solid for the border/strap.

Changes to the pattern: I used a self striping yarn to make the hexagons rather than the 2 row color changes in the pattern. I made the bottom by mitering decreases rather than sewing in the rectangle. My straps are wider than what is given in the pattern.

Problems with the pattern: None that I could find. The directions were clear and it included charts (yay!)

Overall impressions: I'm very very happy with this. It was a lot of fun to make and I most defintely will make it again (it's a great stash/scrap buster). My only complaint was with Lily and the lack of coordinating colors for with the self striping yarn. None of their blues/greens went with the colors in the stripes, which is why I ended up with the ecru (which I think worked just fine). I do plan on lining this down the road, but it's a great bag as is.

I'll do a run down of the Sampler Pullover tomorrow!


  1. The ecru looks beautiful! What a pretty bag.

  2. What a fun bag! It takes me back in time to the seventies. There sure have been a lot of pretty crochet things floating around lately, enough to make me 'think' about searching for my hooks. :-)

  3. This is SUPER cute. I really love it.I am enjoying your crocheting patterns because I do have a bias against crocheting given my up close and personal 70's experience. I do some crocheting, but your posts are encouraging me to do more!


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