Friday, September 17, 2010

Epic Fail

So here's the third finished project in as many days. This one, however, will be looking for a new home:

This project has been nothing but a pain in the ass from the beginning. I had gauge issues (then decided to go up a size, so Matt could wear it over a jacket... shouldn't have bothered). I found the directions VERY hard to follow and made globs of mistakes that required a lot of ripping back. The zipper installation is not the best (not the worse either).

The icing on the cake: Matt doesn't like it. Not his fault. I know that Matt does not like the smell of natural wools (we went thru this when I made him a pullover out of Paton's Ballybrae). However, I didn't think that the Bartlett was that bad (I wear it and don't notice it, but I think knitters find the smell pleasant. You know... smells like wool). I will also say that while the idea of "oversized to wear over a jacket" sounded like a good idea... the 44" is still way too big for him.

So the Bartlett stash is now for me (even tho' the oatmeal is sooo not my color, I have enough left over from this project to make me something) and I'll find this very warm wooly vest a new home. Let's do some project stats:

Pattern: October Vest from Interweave Crochet Fall 2009

Yarn: Bartlett Fisherman in Oatmeal

Problems with the pattern: found the directions very hard to follow. Paragraph breaks didn't coinside with structure of garment. Hard to keep track of where you are (row counts would've been nice).

Changes to the pattern: none... not that talented of a crocheter to tweak.

Overall impressions: While I think the final product ended up okay, this was a doomed project from the start. Way too many mistakes on my part, used a yarn that didn't suit Matt in a size that didn't fit him. Part of my stubborn nature wants to try again with a different yarn, as the style is very him, but I think he'll get a knitted vest next.


  1. You could overdye it if the size and style suits you.

  2. It does look fine. But I have projects I detest that other people say are okay or they even like, to.

    Frustrating re: the layout of the directions.

  3. How disappointing after all that effort. I spent forever knitting a black sleeveless pullover for my DH to wear under his jacket and, although he puts it on to travel to work, he won't wear it while at work because he feels it looks old-fashioned. (It doesn't)


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