Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fylingdales Cardigan

This is going in my top 10 favorite projects ever. After I found the perfect yarn, this cardigan was not only a delight to knit, but I love how it looks on me (it's blocking right now, so no modeled photos).

Project Stats:

Pattern: Fylingdales Cardigan from A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd.

Yarn: Bartlett Fisherman in Wild Grape (this color is impossible to photograph. It's not a burgundy and it's not a purple, but it's somewhere in between. I looooove it).

Changes to the pattern: I think the only change is that I did 7 buttons instead of 5. I'm sure I shortened the sleeves, but I didn't go by pattern length, just knit until they were long enough.

Problems with the pattern: none that I found.

Overall impressions: I loooooove it (have I mentioned that already?). I know... and it's not even green! The Bartlett yarn is very wooly and a little rough to knit with. However, after it's bath, the yarn softened up quite a bit (still not next to skin soft, but I don't like wool next to my skin anyway. That's why I collect white mock turtlenecks). The color is de-lish. The pattern was an easy, fun and quick knit. I knit this in about a month, with lots of distractions. The fit is comfy and relaxed. I'm already thinking about the Bartlett Oatmeal I have in my stash.

That's project #21 for 2009. Three more to go and I think I need to finish a project for Matt. I've only finished two sweaters for him this year.


  1. Love. It. I love everything in that book, but haven't knit anything yet. Must remedy that. Perfect color you chose too.

  2. Beautiful. I've had my eye on that sweater for a while. Might have to make one...


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