Monday, January 12, 2009

Penny Ribbi

While sitting with a recovering Jake, I was able to work on the Penny Ribbi... and finished it. Perfect knitting for when you just need to do something with your hands.

Penny Ribbi
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Okay, so not the best photo, and not even remotely color accurate (the top section is "violet" and a lovely shade of lavender, the body a lovely dark dark gray heather).

I am in love with this pullover. The Cascade 220 is so delightful to knit with... and to wear (a definite plus). I love the color combo and I love the fit. The idea behind this came from a JC Penny's sale flyer for a half zip sweater that used these colors and I just loved it. So ordered the colors (tho' I thought the "jet" color was a solid black... the dark grey heather was a happy accident). I still need to block it and get a better photo, but it's done enough for project stats (and to count as my first finished project for 2009).

Project Stats:

Pattern: Ribby Pulli by Chicknits

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Jet, White and Violet

Changes to the pattern: shorter bottom ribbing, did a 2X2 ribbed mock turtleneck. Shortened the sleeves considerably.

Problems with the pattern: My ONLY complain about Chicknits patterns is the lack of sleeve width measurements. This is one of my big (no pun intended) fitting areas, and it would be nice to know quickly (and without doing math) how wide the sleeves are. As usual, no problems with the actual pattern. There's a reason I knit a lot of Bonne Marie designs (with more to come...)

Overall impressions: I love it! It's warm, cozy, love the colors, love the fit. Would not change a thing if I were to make this again. Oh, I will make it again with different colors/yarns/sizes (ya, this is right up Matt's style too, eh?). I love the side ribbing. Gives waist fitting without row tracking. Good fun to knit.

One project down for the year... and right on schedule! I have until the end of January to get something else finished... oh, but the choices??? What shall I finish next????

Edited to add a self portrait photo:

Penny Ribbi
click to enlarge

Not the best way to get a photo, but shows how well it fits. Still needs a good blocking, but I'm wearing it today!


  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Nice chocie! You do great work, Cindy. And, you're already productive in 2009. I'm jealous, but working on a cardigan that I hope to wrap up in a couple of weeks.

    If you're going for volume in 2009, why not try the Noro Silk Garden Striped Scarf? It's a fast knit, and will help you knock off another quick project in January. Plus, who doesn't need a scarf right now? You can find lots of versions of the scarf on Ravelry. I'm currently working on a version of the scarf using less expensive yarn.

    Knit on!

  2. I love the sweater Cindy. Very pretty.


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