Friday, July 25, 2014

Finishing Friday is Overrated!

It's not how you finish, but how you start! Right? I've come down with a total case of startitis while I have globs of projects that I "should" be finishing up. I blame the pleasant summer weather we are having. I know I'll need/want these wool sweaters in 6 months... but I can't bring myself to concentrate.

These sweaters need zippers. Ya, first I gotta order them.

These sweaters need sleeves. Some are even started (one was even done, but knit on the wrong size needle so it needs a third sleeve. Awesome, as I do love knitting sleeves)

These hats need pop-poms.

These have fitting issues that need to be fixed (not a full representation: I have more stuffed in my WIP/UFO closets)

Not shown are the projects that I'm chugging along on that are sorta boring. Or really boring. Or simply put aside as I'm limited to how many projects I'm allowed sitting around the house.

Meanwhile I keep casting things on (usually frogging them right away). At some point I'll have to just focus and get a bunch of things off my WIP list to FO list... meanwhile, I have empty size 7 needles....

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