Sunday, March 16, 2014

Respect The Niche Market!

So our local Barnes & Nobles hosted The Yarn Harlot yesterday. You would think by now that book stores would get the devotedness (is that a word?) of knitters. I mean all you have to do is look at her blog to see the volume of people that show up!

Since we knew that it would be fairly crowded (and to be honest, our B&N has not always been well prepared for us knitters. Our SnB has met there for years. They even started putting us on their schedule, yet there were many times we would show up and they had completely forgotten about us) we decided to show up about an hour and a half early. They were already out of chairs.

The Yarn Harlot lived up to her writing. She is a fabulous story teller and it was very enjoyable.

We waited in line for our book signing and knitters are a fairly laid back group. Standing in line we knit, we chat, we make new friends.

Here's Julie with Stephanie:

and here's me with Super Model Matt and Stephanie:

I had wanted Matt to wear his St. Patrick sweater (for obvious reasons. plus I love that sweater), but the wool/mohair heavy cables might just have killed him (it was a wee bit warm).

Normally, Julie and I head over to Pittsburgh for the Knit & Crochet show (which is this weekend), but we decided to take a break from it this year and do something in the fall (Stitches East perhaps? Maybe just a road trip up to Webs?). It was kismet! Even tho' I didn't get to buy yarn I don't need, it was an awesome knitting weekend!


  1. That sounds like a great day! You are right that book stores really could attract a lot of customers if they would hold more of these events for knitters.

    By the way, you look great in your sweater, too. Is it the Henley Perfected? That is one I have considered making myself. I always love what you make. Your husband is wearing the sweater I am currently knitting for my hubby and seeing your picture was what sealed the deal for my husband to want me to make it for him.

    1. Actually I'm wearing my 4th Hey Teach (which I named Hey Addiction) which is knit in Classic Elite's Classic Silk and one of my very favorite sweaters. (there's a link to the project on the side bar, but here's the post with it completely finished with buttons any everything: Of course my Ravelry page is chock full of info with all my mods:

      Kearsarge was one of my most favorite to knit projects ever. I think Matt will get an other version at some point (the silk blend is awesome, but I think he would love a wooly version too!)

  2. Cindy, thanks so much for the details on your sweater. I am just now seeing your response. I am so glad to hear that Matt likes Kearsarge so much. I am slots finished with the body and will begin the sleeves soon. I like how there is a change to the pattern for the sleeves. I will miss the basketweave, though. It is a wonderfully rhythmic yet interesting stitch.


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