Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seemed like a good idea at the time

Let's face it: it's been a harsh winter. Everyone is tired of the snow, the ice, the freezing temps (and losing power is never fun). We all cope the best we know how.

I decided to remind myself that spring will be here... eventually. Since it's my turn to have a finished project (I'm trying to alternate finished for Matt, then me) I went thru my WIP's and found this cute cropped cotton blend cardigan (a favorite pattern: third time I've knit it. I might be thinking of an other in wool).

When I stashed it away, I had the fronts done and the back better than half way done. The back is just moss stitch, and I got bored. Well, Olympics hockey and moss stitch actually work really well together and I got the back done fairly quickly.

As usual, the first sleeve wasn't too bad. I love the staghorn cable (it's easy and I don't need a cable needle). Now I have just a few more inches on the second sleeve. That means it's almost done. I mean I have less than 4" to knit. There are no front bands, so there's also not a lot of finishing. Yet I am slogging!

I'm tired of white. White snow. White fog. White ice. White yarn. I should've chosen a project that is wildly colored!!!

Normally I would say "next project will have a bright color!", but since I'm alternating between projects for me and Matt, he's up next. He's sorta anti-color. Certainly nothing bright. So it will have to wait for the next next project!

Meanwhile spring will eventually get here... and I will have a white cardigan ready for it!!!

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