Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This is a cardi I started for myself based on an Anthropologie cardigan. It's exactly what I've been looking for for around the house. I love the heathered grey with a bright contrast. I like the casual fit and the neckband styling. Plus who doesn't love pockets! Looks like a fun easy knit that I could do a little math and come up with something for me!

I had a bunch of yarn leftover from my Can't Clean Toilets in Cashmere cardi (that has it's own issues and is in a timeout until I fix the neckband) so decided to use that.

The pattern stitch is different from the inspiration cardi, as I didn't want to do the shaker rib of the original (time consuming and it does eat a lot of yarn). Ack! That means math, measuring, and an accurate gauge! Okay, did that. Cast on and it flew off the needles.

As the picture shows, I have the back done. However there is a huge issue: my butt. I don't normally make sweaters this long and I underestimated how much ease I would need. I want this to hang loosely and it's not going to do that with the size I decided on.

So I do think the stitch pattern works, I love the heathered grey and I like the blue. However, since I have to do a complete restart anyway, I'm debating if I should change up the contrast color.

Hmmm... I think it's an other project headed for a timeout while I knit on one of Matt's projects where these kinds of issues don't seem to appear. Well, at least as much.

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