Thursday, December 13, 2012


Since Matt's Christmas gift is done, and I don't have any more holiday knitting to do... I did what any self respecting knitter would do: I cast on two new projects for me! In color! (my apologies to all those knitters/crafter's working diligently on their holiday projects! I'm cheering you on! You can do it!)

The first project is a necessity, as I really need a new pair of gloves. I do hope to have them done in time for Christmas. Not my favorite thing to knit (I think I have issues using double point needles, and yes I've tried all the other techniques: magic loop, two needle, etc, but I find the dpn's give me the best rhythm, I just don't like using them). Totally worth it, as it's so nice to have gloves that fit me!

However, I decided to cast on a new cardigan for me! (not like I don't have 40 already cast on!).

I love this yarn.

This is a remake. I made this pattern before, and it was one of my favorite. (hmmm... notice the past tense?). Yep, it's a wee bit too small for me these days. I know it was a fast project and I had this beautiful Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair recently frogged from my October Frost (also due to sizing issue... do you see a trend here?). I don't have enough of the Mountain Mohair to go up in size on the October Frost, but I have plenty to do the Eyelet & Cable Cardigan.

Elsabeth Lavold's Angora. Let's call this "decadent"
So while my glove is tedious (2.5mm needles), this one feels fast (size 9 needles!). The swatch is working up quickly (ed note: swatch means sleeve). The yarn is wonderful and is giving me a lovely drape. It might not be as luxurious as the angora of the first, but I sure ain't complaining!

I think I can get this swatch to the sleeve cap shaping today...

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