Saturday, November 17, 2012

Measure Twice, Knit Once?

I'm just a wee bit tired of working the body on Matt's Hybrid. I finally decided to dig out his Ike, a well fitting cardigan (with a similar sleeve construction) to see if my body was long enough.

It is. Overshot by two inches. Might have wanted to check that before I went completely insane with the garter rib. Awesome!

Oh well, it is what it is. It's a jacket. I still have almost 4 complete skeins of yarn, so I don't think I'll run short. (and being the optimistic knitter that I am, I still have visions of patch pockets on the front: yarn permitting).

Now comes the fun part: the math of sleeve shaping. Oh and the decreases on the wrong side. The Seamless Hybrid is designed to be knit in the round (and steeked for cardigans), but I don't mind decreases on the wrong side and I knew this pattern stitch was easy to work flat (and no steeking).

So now I get to do more of the body stitch, broken up with some sleeve shaping and some st. st.

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