Thursday, October 18, 2012

St. Patrick left to dye

The St. Patrick pullover has been in the dye pot twice now. I learned some interesting things (and when I say "interesting" what I really mean "things that annoy me").

I suck at dyeing. Part of it that I am slightly impatient (okay, maybe more than "slightly"). Waiting for water to boil is annoying (especially a 5 gallon pot worth of water).

I only use white vinegar when I dye (which isn't very often). Luckily I have a tendency of buying things like vinegar in bulk.

The green does not absorb into the yarn (so here I'm waiting for my water to get clear... and it doesn't. It's green).

So to sum it up: the sweater has been in the pot twice and it's still not evenly dyed. If it were yarn, it would be lovely, but since this is a knitted sweater (and for Matt), I need it to be fairly evenly dyed (which is why I'm dyeing it in the first place). Not sure I have the energy to do an other soak or if I need to use a bigger pot (a 5 gallon pot full of water, with a wool/mohair sweater in it is heavy).

Once more into the dye pot!

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