Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winding down 2011

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. Matt and I enjoyed a lovely holiday, and with him off this week, we're still in holiday mode.

Matt's Cambridge Jacket was a big success. I knew he was going to love the yarn. It's so soft and it's a very lightweight sweater. Things he loves. However, there is some tweaking that needs to be done.

My fear was the sleeves were going to be too long, but I knew they would be easy to shorten. However, the sleeve length was fine, it's the collar that doesn't fit. It hits him a little higher than is comfortable.

I'm actually thinking of doing a folded collar on the Cambridge Jacket. The zipper that I ordered came in at 36", so I had to shorten it. Not my first choice, as I find it very hard to get a neat finish on a shortened zipper (unless there's a facing). Doing the folded collar with help hide the top shortened section much easier.

The original directions also has a decrease on the neck, but I think I'll forgo that, as it's not needed, plus it'll make the fold over easier.

I did see a lot of other knitters think the sleeves were too wide, and I would agree with this. Matt's not a bulky guy, and the sleeves are VERY roomy on him. It would allow for more layering (it is listed as a jacket, not a cardigan, so I'm assuming that the designer allowed a lot of ease to compensate for clothing layers).

All in all, a fine project. Classic, stylish and comfortable. Very Matt. Now I just have to fortify myself with ripping and re-doing (when I would rather be casting on something new!!!).

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  1. The sweater looks great! Your perseverance is an inspiration as you seem to have boundless patience to redo FOs to make them fit. Way to go!


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