Monday, November 14, 2011

You mean I have to do an other???

Charade socks: one down, one to go!
The real reason I'm not a fan of knitting socks. To have to do the exact same thing twice. Blah. For some reason it's worse than knitting two sleeves (I think because the sweater isn't wearable until the sleeves are done, plus I can break up the sleeves: back, sleeve, front, sleeve... doesn't feel quite as redundant).

I will say that I do love these socks. I even have the second one cast on. Not sure how well they'll wear (softer yarn always pills/wears faster, eh?).

The pattern is Charade (Ravelry link) and the yarn is Fearless Fiber's wool/cashmere/nylon sock yarn (um... can I get one of each please?).

I haven't actually tried the sock on yet... as I think I may have made the foot too long (my feet are like the rest of me: short and wide).

detail of the lovely yarn and pattern stitch
Surprisingly, I followed the pattern on this one (except the top ribbing, but that's because I didn't pay attention that it was a 2X2 twisted rib, I just did a 1X1 twisted rib). So yes, that's a heel flap. I normally do afterthought heels (it prevents color pooling, and I love it when doing self striping yarns!), but one of the things I looooove about the Fearless Fibers: no pooling. It's a pet peeve of mine. I don't like color bands spiraling around my socks. However, I have 3 socks waiting for their afterthought heels, and the advantage of heel flaps: when you graft close the toes, it's just a matter of weaving in ends. Afterthought heels means I finish the socks, then have to do the heels. Let's face it, it's more fun to cast on something new then do boring afterthought heels. Now that winter approaches, I'll want them done. As soon as my needles are empty. Sure.

I even did the toe decrease as the pattern is written, and I have to say that I'll be using it from now on. I like the ratio of decreases and where the decreases happen. So does this mean I'm now a sock knitter. Eh. It's a nice break from my other knitting, but I'm not sure I'm ever going to be a sock knitting junkie. I still would rather be knitting a green cardigan.

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