Friday, June 17, 2011

Frog Fest Friday!

My backlog of "to be frogged" projects has gotten out of hand. So many projects that need to be ripped back (either entirely or just "mostly"). Today I'm going to rip 3 projects between other projects.

First up is my Gaelic Morning Mist:

There are two major issues with this: wrong gauge and wrong size. I even tried blocking it, but there's no way this was going to fit! I already frogged it this morning... and it was the one I was the most worried about. The yarn is a single ply, and I had already blocked it. I was concerned that the yarn wouldn't handle the ripping, but it seems fine. I'll see if I need to reblock the yarn before I reknit it (it's a wee bit kinky!)

This one is pretty annoying. An almost complete sweater! Just needed the buttons bands and ends woven in! (it's a Sitcom Chic in Adara. I love my first one, and thought a second in a very different color would be handy). Head slap! I used the wrong size needles for the ENTIRE sweater. There's no excuse for that! I've knit it before with this yarn and KNEW what size needle to use to get gauge. I'll rip and re-do, as I really love the color and the Sitcom Chic is just one of those standard patterns!

Fortunately, this one is not a complete frog:

This one has a math error. Basically, I just forgot to add enough stitches when I divided for the sleeves (I only did half of 'em... this will not work!). So not a total disaster, but that's still a lot of ripping and re-knitting.

I just have to remember that sometimes ya gotta step back to move forward! To keep me from wallowing in frog pond depression, I'll work on the second sleeve of Corduroy!

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