Monday, June 20, 2011

Black is the New Black

I have discovered the worst to photograph sweater to date: Harriet (yes yes, it's from A Fine Fleece are you really surprised???).

I love Elann's Highland Donegal yarn. Single ply. Tweed. Scruptious colors. True worsted weight. However, cables and black yarn don't usually mix well (I'll say "usually", as I've seen some lovely black cabled sweaters). I did know that I didn't want to do a cabled sweater in this charcoal color. So... Harriet to the rescue.

I'm suddenly zipping along on this. For some reason, I really struggled with the lace panels of the main body when I first started knitting this... and there was a lot of ripping back. However, seems that my knitting mojo has returned enough that with careful tracking, I have been able to finish the back and one sleeve.

It's not going to photograph well, to say the least.

The charcoal is either too black, the tweed parts get lost or the knitting itself just dissapears. Oh well, it's going to look lovely over a mock turtleneck come fall (I hope!)

All I can say is that it feels good to be back to my regular knitting groove, enough that I don't care that this is the worst to photograph sweater. Ever.

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