Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mitered Squares

My mitered blocks crochet afghan is moving along quickly. I have about half of it sewn together:

I have to say, I LOVE the colors!

This has been a fast project so far and I think I've learned some valuable things about myself.

I learned that I prefer to do individual blocks, even if they do need to be sewn together. My hexagon afghan is annoying to work on, as I'm attaching as I go. I just can't get into a groove with it.

I learned that I prefer to do my blocks in the round blocks rather than do the mitered blocks. They are easier to seam up (even tho' I'm actually crocheting these blocks together).

I found out that color is my first priority (after washability for afghans). While I love the colors of this afghan, let's face it: Red Heart Super Saver is not a real "snuggly" yarn. The cornmeal is actually quite harsh (there's a huge descrepency between colors on softness, that's for sure). However, the colors totally make this afghan for me, so I can live with the texture of the yarn.

I also learned that weaving in ends after completing a block is prudent (yes, I've learned that lesson before, but I guess I needed a refresher on that one!).

So I should have this baby done by the end of the week. I already have an other afghan ready to go when this one is done (and yes, I'm still working on three others at the same time. Yay for short attentions spans!)


  1. Rachel MacArthur10:11 AM

    That's beautiful! What pattern are you using for your squares?

  2. Rachel:
    The pattern is a freebie from Coats & Clark called "Rich Mitered Square Throw"


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