Monday, April 27, 2009

Just like honey

Considering how little I'm actually knitting (did I mention that I'm totally engrossed with Fallout 3??), Bee Balm is progressing nicely.

I did the sleeves first and got them out of the way (plus they make nice little gauge swatches). I've also finished up the lace border for the back:

I must say that the heat wave is helping a lot... nice to work a light lacey project (even if the weather is going back to normal in a day or two).

I love this pattern and the yarn (Spa by Caron) is giving it a lovely drape and sheen. I'm betting this will be a fave when done.

The heat and the speed of this projct has me completely obsessing over other little lacey cardigans. I'll probably not be able to stop myself from casting on an other one fairly soon (must get the back done on this first!)


  1. Cindy ~ the stitch defination is amazing! I love it!

  2. So far it's truly beautiful. I hope you will give more detail as you go along about the yarn. The sheen is amazing and I think I could do this project with this yarn and it be a favorite too -- and I don't even know what the finished project is like!!


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