Thursday, October 18, 2007

Seafoam and Mermaids

Cindy Must Knit This Cardigan first front
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I'm still plugging along on the Must Have Cardigan. I've ripped back that section twice now, but the third time seems to be a charm. The color is not accurate (let me say that again: that color is not accurate). It's a foggy/dreary morning, and it's getting to be that time of year that morning photographs are difficult due to the later sunrise. So I spent some time in Photoshop trying to get it close. However, I can only do so much. I also think the Black Water Abbey yarns must be seen in person to really understand how lovely the colors are. (Theresa bought some of the Old Purple, and it's definitely a "see it in person" to get the full effect of the depth of the color).

Did you guess which project I pulled out of the UFO closets to work on?
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I've tried this on the last two years at Stitches. I've had the kit for like 3. I need to get this project done. A: I love the jacket (and trying it on is very inspiring... plus I know it'll fit) and B: Matt bought me the kit as an anniversary gift. Matt doesn't buy me yarn (no more than I buy him tires for his bike). He picked out the color and everything. So how can I not try to finish it???

I'm feeling a bit under the weather... either a nasty head cold or allergies, so I'm hunkering into my knitting nest and knitting today (and maybe look for the skulls in Halo 3). I also think a nap is on the agenda (a good indication that it's not allergies... I can't seem to get enough sleep right now).

Off to put the kettle on and finish up that first gusset on Mermaid!

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