Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yet an other FO!

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The San Francisco Pullover is done. It didn't get any better with finishing. It's just not me. It fits okay, but simply not my style.

Ironically, I'm actually glad I used crappy acrylic yarn for it. I consider it to just be a big swatch. If I had made it using an expensive hand dyed yarn, I wouldn't be too happy. Instead I have about $12 in yarn and some time. No biggie. I now realize that this just isn't a sweater I'll do again.

Project Stats:
Pattern: San Francisco Shirttail by Just One More Row
Yarn: cheap acrylic yarn from stash
Problems with the pattern: Jill's patterns are always easy to do and I didn't find any errors in the pattern.
Changes to the pattern: did some playing with the neckline, but it's pretty much the pattern as written.
Overall impressions: this sweater just isn't me. I wanted it as just an around the house sweater (can't clean toilets in cashmere!) but I'm just not comfortable in it. Simply not a flattering style for me.

Okay, one more thing off my list. Actually, I updated my 2007 finished list and I'm doing better than I expected... 7 projects finished so far. I should have a few more small projects finished up next week and I still hope to get Matt's Natural Beauty Fair Isle done soon, too. Plus his SOA and my Fall Back Cardigan... I still might break down and get a simple st. st. project going. It's nice to have a basic project handy.

Well, I'm off... gotta teach a class this afternoon!
Keep on Knittin'!


  1. The San Francisco is lovely. Maybe donate it to a charity auction. Someone else will love it - a tall person, perhaps!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I think the best part of the design is the neckline. The sweater would look great in a solid-ish yarn, shorter length, a simpler stitch pattern and with waist shaping!

    The neckline is clearly the focal point, but what's going on in the sweater is competing with it.

    At least, as you say, you haven't a lot of $$ invested in it. That's when I rip out whole garments whose designs I've not gotten right!

  3. I totally agree with Dawn. I love the neckline. In fact...I think I'll knit something plain up with a neckline just like it! :)

  4. Your FOs are lovely. You should get a lot of use from the SitCom Chic. Too bad the other sweater isn't 'you'. I like Judy's idea, or maybe you know someone whom it will fit and who will love it.

  5. I too think the neckline is so pretty! Sorry it's not your style, but I love the idea of donating it to a charity auction!


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