Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ribby Cardi Finished Pics

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The Ribby Cardi being modeled by my dress form. Don't forget that my dress form is not a good representation of my body (she has a "B" cup... uh. ya. right.) However, let's look at the issue:
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See that fold? Now that I'm looking at it, I'm wondering if it's less of a raglan shaping issue or the straight back neck shaping. I'm thinking that if there was back neck shaping, it wouldn't be as much of an issue?

Anyway, here's the project stats:
Pattern: Ribby Cardi by ChicKnits
Yarn: Red Heart Tweed (ya, I heard that disdainful snobbish snort... don't care, it's soft, machine washable and cheap)
Problems with the pattern: Well, I'm not thrilled with how the sleeves fit or that little fold at the back of the neck. Easily corrected if I knit it again (and I probably will, as Matt really likes it).
Changes to the pattern: really the only change I made was the crochet bands for the zipper. I just think it's easier to sew a zipper in on a crochet (non stretchy) band rather than a knit band.
Overall impressions: this is the second ChicKnits pattern I've used. I think part of my problem with her patterns is my body. I'm full figured and the shape of her designs might not be suitable for my narrow shoulders and rather large bust line, at least not with out some changes. So while I like her designs, and I think she writes decent patterns, I'm just not sure they're "me". As I said, Matt does like the cardigan quite a bit, so I might make one for him.

On to the next finished project: the Jamacian drawstring purse:
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Not lined yet, but an overall, quick fun project. I find the spiral rib a bit addictive. The color didn't quite band as much as I had hoped, but it's still pretty cool looking (I'm going to try it in Berocco's Boho, how cool would that look?)

Project Details:
Pattern: Jamaican Drawstring Purse from One Skein Wonders
Yarn: Plymouth Bella Colours
Problems with the pattern: none that I found, however, several people who've made this (or started this) told me they had issues with the first row of the pattern having huge holes where you do the YO. I think this could easily be corrected by using the untwisted M1 (insert your needle in the thread between the needles and knit it, making sure NOT to twist it). This gives you a small eyelet and a smaller hole than a YO.
Changes to the pattern: None
Overall Impressions: as I stated above, a quick and fun project. I'll line mine with pockets to use as a jewelry bag. A great use for the long striping yarns... and with only needing about 200 yds, an economical gift idea!

Okay, so that's what I've finished, let's see what I've started ('cause you KNOW I started something!)

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That's my first swatch for the Half Linen Stitch cardigan from the XRX Jacket's book. As I said yesterday, I knew the photos wouldn't show of the loveliness of this yarn (yes, we sort of freaked out the ladies working at the Brooks Fiber Farm booth in Valley Forge last year when we asked if we could throw the yarn on the floor and roll around naked in it... it's that kind of yarn). This is their Raita, a wool, mohair and silk yarn. Lovely drape and the color combo, a light purple, denim and sage green, is very subtle and the half linen stitch really works well with the yarn (and it's much easier to do than the Linen stitch... as you get to purl the wrong side).

The swatching on it is going well: the left front is swatched and I have both sleeves swatched. The back is swatched to the armhole shaping. Fingers crossed, I'll have enough yarn (I'm calling it pretty close on it!!). I'm hoping to have it done by Friday for Matt's team fundraiser event.

Today I'll be making a "real" swatch. The Spring Forward class is coming up and one of the yarns I recommended for class is Kraemer Yarn's Tatamy Tweed DK, so I want to swatch it up and make sure it looks good in the pattern, then I'll run it up to Olde Peddler Wools for Darlene to show students. I swatched the yarn in just a broken rib stitch (as I'm planning on using it for either the Dancing Ribbons Pullover or an other of Janet's designs). I love this yarn. Inexpensive (always a plus), a soft, almost silky feel to it and easy care (my favorite!!!). We'll see how it works, and I'll give a review of knitting cables with it!

Quick Comment responses:
Matt must feel better, as he rode the training ride last night (tho' who knows... as Jim did too, even tho' he's on antibiotics for a bronchial infection. I'm beginning to think they're all idiots). Did I also mention the three hour "recovery" ride Sunday morning? And yes, Debby, long naps are an important part of training. "Sleep is a weapon"

Keep On Knittin'!!!

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  1. That is so frustrating about the cardigan neck. I wouldn't know where to begin to fix it. Will you rip that part out and re-do it?

    The half linen stitch swatch looks gorgeous!! So does the jewelry purse. But I'm biased for spring/summer colors, LOL.

    Went out tonight on my first group ride from a not-so-local-but-more-sane bike shop. It was really windy but the first time it's been reasonably warm and the sun was out. Sunday's ride was freezing cold. I'm finding it's hard to talk the crazies out of riding when the temps are below a reasonable level...must put my foot down and let them go without me!!

    Chris is pretty reasonable about not riding too hard when he's sick, unless we count the time last summer when he was not yet over a 48 hour flu bug, and went to pre-ride a road race called Hilltowns...


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