Friday, March 23, 2007

Fingers crossed....

I did an other swatched yesterday and I think I'll be okay with the Lasso Gansey. I should be able to block it to size. If not, I'll just have to lose some more weight!

However, the idea of working with wool yesterday just didn't feel right. It was so nice yesterday. Sunny and warm. Who needs a warm dense wool sweater for that?

So I did a look thru the massive amounts of started projects to find something a little more springy:
Click to enlarge

A lovely cabled v neck pullover from Inspired Cable Knits. I'm using Katia Bamboo and the color is a much brighter blue than in my photo:
Click to enlarge

I'm using color 10, a lovely pale turquoise.

I love the fabric I'm getting. The yarn is a bamboo/cotton blend and the drape is just lovely. The fabric is nice and soft and it's fairly easy to work with. It splits like the dickens (love that phrase) and I actually can't use a cable needle with it (it just slides right out). Which is fine. The yarn holds it shape so well, that I don't need a cable needle. (okay, I'm betting a wooden cable needle would work, but I don't like using wooden cable needles. I store my cable needle when not in use in my mouth and so wooden ones are kinda icky).

So I think today I'll be switching out some of my current knitting nest projects. Some of these warm wool projects will get stored back into one of the WIP closets so I can concentrate on some more spring like things. Matt also seems to think that the house needs to be vacuumed. Hrumph.


Thanks about asking about Jake, Debby! He's been taking glucosamine for his arthritis and he's like a puppy again. Well, maybe not that good, but definitley more playful and active. I will also say that part of his glucosamine regimine is half a Beeno...

I'll also confess that gauge swatching is something I'm extremely "eh" about. They lie. What I get in my swatch rarely translates to my project, so I usually don't bother making a "real" swatch. I'll swatch to see if I like the yarn, the drape and the stitch definition, but as far as actual "numbers" go, I find that it rarely translates. I ususally jump right into the project and check it there. However, since I did a huge yarn change for the Lasso Gansey (the original yarn is a 5 ply gansey and I'm using a dk weight yarn), I knew I would have to be more careful with gauge. Fingers crossed, I'll be okay. If not, I'll have to lose more weight or one of my smaller friends will get a lovely gansey.

So I guess I'll do a little housework today (hrumph). Matt thinks I knit too much and thinks I need to rest my hands. As he says, even he takes a day off the bike occassionaly to give his body a chance to heal. (double hrumph).

Swatches? We don't need no stinking swatches!!!!

Have a good weekend (good luck to all the racers this weekend!) and keep on knittin'!


  1. Nancy9:06 AM

    *Spew Alert* --- Rest, not Abstinence!

  2. The cabled v neck pullover is coming along. I love the actual color.

  3. Anonymous8:00 PM

    hrrrrrmmph!!!!! your Matt is like my Phil>>>>>expecting the cleaning to be done more than once a year. don't they realise that no knitting means the stash will expand?

    enjoy the weekend
    Enid(in the UK)

  4. So glad that Jake is doing well!! YAY! Charlie is doing better these days too.

    Two words for Matt: *Active* recovery. :) AKA: spinning (love the pun there, though I don't spin!). Your cabled sweater is really pretty!!! Isn't it nice to think spring knits again?!

    And good luck to everyone tomorrow! We're going off to Plainville for another training race, if we're not rained out.


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